Aluminum ingot for remelting is produced by molten salt electrolysis method using alumina and cryolite.The surface of ingot is clean and smooth.
1. Mainly used for melting ingot
2. Discontinuous melting with scrap
3. Easy control and operation
4. Fast melting . 5. Used for industry such as automobile, pinning and weaving, electron broadly and more

 We are able to arrange premium quality Copper Cathode that meets high quality International standards. Because of our extensive network of producers we are able to offer Copper Cathode which is both LME registered as well as non LME registered. Customers can place both bulk and retail quantity order for Copper Cathode with us. We ensure delivery within stipulated time frame.

 We trade in high grade brass ingots with wide range of alloys and various international standards. All our ingots are alloy tested and certified.Brass Ingots are mainly used in bearings, sleeves, pressure seal casting, valves, pumps, impellers and water supply industrial products.
Size: 20″ x 3″ x 4″
Shape: Brick
Weight: 14 Kilograms (Approximate.)

We are into the business of Lead Ingot that is simply peerless when it comes to quality. This quality has made these ingots highly popular in the market.The remelted lead ingots that we supply to the customers are assured to be cent percent pure. Also, these are assured to be free of any types of impurities. These highly durable ingots maintain the set standards of the market. 

Tin ingots which we supply is LME Registered tin ingots.Tin is used in the manufacturing of super conducting magnets. Tin Ingots that are useful for application in electroplating, soldering and chemical formulation.While tin has many uses in alloys, it has few uses in it’s pure elemental form.

To meet the market requirements, our company procures superior quality zinc ingots from our global vendors. We import zinc ingots in bulk quantities so that they may be used in various industries and construction sites. The products are free of all impurities and comply by the industry parameters. These products are imported in the form of bricks and large slabs.